White racists calling cops on black people for doing normal legal things

What is with all the racists calling the cops on black people lately.

May 20185

A white Yale grad student called the cops because a black women was sleeping in the common area of the dorm.

A woman in Oakland, CA called the cops because a group of black people were barbecuing in the park using a charcoal grill.

June 2018

Also in Oakland, CA a white woman called 911 to report a black child was selling water across the street from the ballpark without a permit.


In Summerville, SC a white woman hit a 15year old boy and told him to get out because they were in the neighborhood pool, they had been invited by a friend that lived in the neighborhood.

In Maple Heights, OH someone called the cops because a black youth was mowing their neighbors yard and had crossed onto their property.

July, 2018

In Oregon a white woman called the cops because a black woman was going door to door and then making notes.  The woman happened to be her representative in the Oregon Legislature who was canvassing the area to see what issues her constituents cared about!

In North Carolina a white man called the cops on a black woman and her daughter because they were in the HOA neighborhood pool.

In Memphis, TN an apartment manager called the cops because a black man was wearing socks while in the pool at the apartment complex.

In Georgia a white woman called the cops because w woman was smoking a cigarette in the parking garage.

A subway employee in Georgia called the cops on a family of 7 that had stopped to eat dinner there.


By the way it is only July 6  today.  It makes me wonder what some people think is a valid reason to call 911.    I guess if you are a racist white person then the very existence of a black person near you is enough to make you call.    I just hope that no one starts calling the cops on old white women doing normal things.




my Master Bath Remodel Project

I have hated my master bathroom ever since I moved into my house.  It had a small shower with glass doors that had a gold frame, wallpaper that had seams overlapping, tile work that looked like it was installed by someone who had never installed tile before and did not know what they were doing, and what at first glance looked like a big tub but then when you tried to bathe in it you found that the overflow was set so as to not allow more than 6 inches (153 mm)  of water in it.  When I take a bath I want to be able to soak and relax.

One of the first things I did after moving in was to remove the unsightly wallpaper.   To my shock and surprise I found that this just covered up some that had been installed by the builder.   To make it worse the builder had installed the first layer of wallpaper directly on the drywall, with no primer coating on the drywall and no wallpaper sizing to make it easier to remove later.   So needless to say the job of removing the wallpaper became much bigger than it should have been.

It is now almost 8 years later and it is time to completely gut and remodel.   I went with a fairly large contractor here in the Dallas Ft Worth metroplex called Statewide Remodeling, Inc. (Statewide).  I knew they charged more for the finished bathroom but I was OK with that as long as they did a good job and did what they said since I knew everything would be up to code and would be permitted by the city.  At least I would not have to worry about a contractor trying to screw me.  Or so I thought!   The day of demolition arrived and some tiny little things were found.

the old shower area after demolition

1) In the old shower area there was not one but two shower pans.   Evidently when the shower was rebuilt before I bought the house, the person who did the work did not bother with taking the original shower pan out.  He just built the new one on top of the old one.

2) After removing the drywall where that shower had been, we found that there was an electrical switch, and an outlet that were hidden.  Both with the boxes turned to face inside the wall and then covered up.   Evidently the previous homeowner did not know how to cut a hole in the drywall when they replaced one of the sheets so they just covered stuff up.

Neither one of these items should have been a big deal but Statewide wanted to charge me close to $1050.00 to fix this.  The best part was they told me that they needed to pull an electrical permit and that alone was $250.00.  They conveniently forgot that they already were doing some electrical work in the bathroom and that the permit to do that work would have covered the other work as well if it was the same contractor doing it.  When told this they deducted the $250 off  of the  initial 1050.00 which leaves 800.00 that they wanted to charge me.  By the way, they claimed to not be making any money off of this extra work, and that that they would be passing all of this to the contractors.  I asked them to break this 800 down and was told 450 for the shower pan removal and 350 for electrical work.  They must believe I am stupid to pay that much for those jobs.  This was on Friday and I told them i would let them know on Monday if they were to do it, but i was most likely going to get someone else to do the work.  I cut the hole in the drywall and faced the box and outlet into the master bedroom and then nailed the box in place, then turned the box and  switch to face into the bathroom and nailed that box in place.  It took me about 8 minutes total to do both.    Because I did the work I had to get a permit from the city.  The cost of the permit $51.00.   Did I mention that I asked the electrical contractor who did the other electrical work what he would have charged Statewide to move those boxes? Well I did, and it was not even close to $350.  But you probably knew that already.

For the shower pan removal, I spoke to one of my neighbors who has a list of contractors that do work on some homes he owns and rents out.  He provided one that wanted $100 to remove the old shower pan.  I immediately hired him to do the work.   On Monday I called Statewide and informed them I had taken care of the items myself.

I guess we know that when it comes time to remodel my kitchen that I will not be calling Statewide.

A divided nation

The president of the United States may have won an election but he has dived the nation into Us vs Them in the process.

As you may have surmised, I did not vote for Donald J Trump.   I saw him as a charlatan, a con man interested only in one thing,  his best interests.   He is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.  In fact if I had to guess his IQ based on his tweets and his speeches, I would put him in the range of 100-105.

Now many people that did vote for him did so because they thought he was a successful business man and they were sick of politicians.    Quite the opposite is true, as a successful business person would not have needed to rely on bankruptcy to solve their debt problems.  And Donald J Trump did this not just once, not even just twice not even he 4 times he admits to but a total of 6 times!  Three casinos ran by Trump filed in 1991 and 1992, the Plaza Hotel also filed in 1992.  Trump hotels and Casinos again filed in 2004 and Trump Entertainment Resorts filed in 2009.   Then there is all of the small business owners that he screwed over by not paying them what they were owed.  Another reason I don’t like him is the way he talks about women.  Sorry Donny, if you did not have money, you would just be considered a creepy old man.  Only the type of women that are attracted to men with money find you attractive.

If Trump had not run as a Republican he never would have been elected president.   The southern evangelicals would have destroyed him had he ran as a Democrat.  As it was they backed him even though his morals and character are completely opposite of what the average evangelical would consider a Christian.  But as we know he ran and his opponent was Hillary Rodham Clinton.   While I think she would have made a much better president, she had baggage that made her unelectable in 2016.

Why do I say this?

Well first off the Republican party was major miffed about Barack Obama and had done everything they could do to oppose him and any thing he tried to accomplish.   (Kind of what the Democrats are trying to do to Trump, they just are not as successful as the Republicans were with Obama)  Second there is the fact she is married to Bill Clinton.   Third there is the whole private email server thing.  Fourth there is the whole Benghazi ordeal.   Even though she could do nothing about it, she was the Secretary of State and therefore ultimately to blame.   Lastly when her husband left the presidency,  the Clintons took some gifts with them that they should not have.  So for those reasons many in this nation were not willing to vote for her and would have rather voted for Beelzebub, and in my opinion they did just that!

So here we are today and the extremes of the left and right are trying to polarize their bases.  Us vs Them.   They totally ignore the fact that most voters are somewhere in the middle.  Work together to solve the nations problems??  nah they would rather point fingers and claim the other party is impeding any progress they are trying to make.


So are you an Us or are you a Them?


Why I hate sharing my email address with businesses

Ever notice how when you provide your email address to a business that the emails start out slowly like maybe one every week and pretty soon they are flooding your inbox? If every company that I have ever done business with were to email me once every day that would be thousands of emails that I have to sort through. Quite often what I end up doing is deleting them without reading. I know you are just trying to provide me with what you feel are cannot live without deals. However, I can live without them, and when you send me more than 1 email a week the odds of me reading the emails you send are slim to none.

Politicians running for a different office while holding office

What business allows an employee to seek another position and neglect the one that they currently have.  The answer is government.   Every few years we see governors, senators, representatives running for president.   All the while they are collecting a paycheck and ignoring the office they were elected to hold.

If a person working for any other business were to neglect their duties and spend their time  looking for another job instead of doing their job, they would be shown the door pronto.

I don’t have an issue with them campaigning to get re-elected to the same position because then they are speaking to their constituents and at least pretending to listen to what these people want.   However, when they are off campaigning across the country they are not doing the job they were paid to do.   In fact at the beginning of any presidential election year they spend so much time in Iowa that one would think they are from there.

So politicians if you want to run for a different office give up the one you currently hold first.