Politicians running for a different office while holding office

What business allows an employee to seek another position and neglect the one that they currently have.  The answer is government.   Every few years we see governors, senators, representatives running for president.   All the while they are collecting a paycheck and ignoring the office they were elected to hold.

If a person working for any other business were to neglect their duties and spend their time  looking for another job instead of doing their job, they would be shown the door pronto.

I don’t have an issue with them campaigning to get re-elected to the same position because then they are speaking to their constituents and at least pretending to listen to what these people want.   However, when they are off campaigning across the country they are not doing the job they were paid to do.   In fact at the beginning of any presidential election year they spend so much time in Iowa that one would think they are from there.

So politicians if you want to run for a different office give up the one you currently hold first.

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