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Well first off if you hadn’t guessed by now, my name is Miranda.   I am a late 50′s female that just happens to have some pretty strong opinions on some subjects.

I am the Vice President of Software Development for a small Human Resources consultancy firm called Candidate Resources, Inc.  or CRI.   CRI is located in Texas in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.  Since CRI is a small firm it means that I do a lot of coding.  In fact I do a majority of the coding.

I work mostly in Microsoft  systems programming in  classic ASP using VBScript, and ASP.NET where I prefer C#  (C Sharp) .   When I work with databases I prefer MS SQL Server.  I have also done some work with MS Access but let’s be honest, Access is not designed for more than small office operations and anyone that believes otherwise is only fooling theirself.   Using MS SQL Server I can separate the data layer, also called the business logic layer, from the presentation layer by using Stored Procedures and parameterized queries.    The primary advantage of this is that it is much more secure by removing the threat of SQL injection attacks.

When I am not working in MS technologies , I do some work in PHP using MySQL database.   I prefer using stored procedures here as well, or as they are sometimes called in PHP, prepared statements.

Something else about me, I am a Life Member of Mensa.  I am in the Fort Worth area chapter called Mensa76. I joined primarily to meet people and it helps that all Mensans have something in common.  We are all smart.  To join Mensa one has to score in the top 2 percent of standardized IQ tests.   That means that one needs to have an IQ over 135.   The average IQ of most people is 100 with 95% of the population falling in the 70 – 130 range.    So what does a high IQ mean anyway?   It just means the person can think logically and score good in tests.  Some may see concepts that others may not.   Mensans are typical out of the box thinkers, many are very good at Math and the physical sciences.  Some are very good at remembering miscellaneous information or trivia, and puzzle solving may come very easy for some.

I have not always worked in IT though.  I used to work in transportation management having worked for Newport Truck Service,  Overland Express, Overnite Express, Sharm Transport, Hyman Freightways, Freightmasters, Admiral Merchants Motor Freight, and Saturn Transportation.    I spent 25  years in that industry working primarily in operations but also spent a couple months on the road so that I could see what it is like for the drivers and also a bit in safety. It was while I was at Admiral Merchants that I got involved in computer programming.  I had built the first website the company had and was asked to make a system for the agents to post loads online and for the drivers to book them that way.  So I bought a couple books and taught myself computer programming.  My programming back then was pretty rudimentary but it worked.   Comparing my code from then and now one can see that I have come a long way.    All of those companies by the way are/were in MN which is where I grew up and spent most of my life.

So that makes me a Damn Yankee.   Now if you don’t know the difference between a Yankee and Damn Yankee let me explain what it is as was explained to me many years ago by my uncle J.M.   A Yankee is someone from north of the Mason Dixon line, and a Damn Yankee is a Yankee that moves south.

There are a few things about living in MN that I miss.  One is that I like all of the natural lakes that are there but primarily I miss having my family close by.   Last year I became meemaw for the first time and like any other grandparent I think my granddaughter is the most adorable baby in the world.  Yes I admit that I may be a bit biased there ; ).   What I do not miss is the snow and cold that is found in MN winters.    Now TX does have many more little nasties than MN does.   I learned that the first year I lived here.   Fire Ants is one of the nasties that MN does not have and another is Mahogany Wasps.  A fire ant, for those of you that have never seen one,  is a little red ant that both bites and stings plus they typically attack in groups and somehow all attack at the same time.  Their bite/sting is painful and it itches like crazy.  Unfortunately, I am also extremely allergic to these little buggers so besides the extreme itching I endure where ever they bite/sting me I swell up something terrible.  Mahogany wasps are a wasp that like the fire ant is red in color.  These buggers have a very nasty temper, it does not take much to set them off.   A person can merely walk past their nest which could be 10 feet away and they may decide they don’t like you and then sting you.  Oh and there are also a couple types of poisonous snakes and scorpions in TX so I guess winter is good in some ways.

So what is to enjoy here you may wonder.  Well winters are mild, and the cost of real estate is lower here than it was/is in MN, plus there is no state income tax.  However, property tax is ridiculously high, and utility costs are also higher here.   But all in all when MN is waist deep in snow, I can be sitting outside in a short sleeve shirt enjoying the weather.  And when it gets hotter than blazes in the summer you ask, well thank goodness for the swimming pool and A/C.  :-)

Something else that I like about TX is that it allows me to golf  pretty much year around.    I recently took the sport up and like playing it.  I have a decent drive except that I have a terrible slice, which means my shot starts out straight and then hooks to the right.  If I were a lefty my shots would move left.

I am not a typical Texan, I don’t agree with TX politics and, I am not religious although I do believe in a higher power, I just don’t believe the bible is much more than a history book with some fiction thrown in.  Ancient man’s way of making sense of the world.   Also unlike most people in this state I am not overly crazy for Mexican food or Tex-Mex.  I like it enough but don’t want to always eat it.  Which brings me to one of my biggest peeves.   Asian buffets that have Mexican/Tex-Mex food in them.   I mean give me a break.  There are tons of different Asian entrees that are not included in the buffet just so they can make room for tamales, tacos, etc.  If it is an Asian buffet then it should be Asian food.   Otherwise call yourself an International buffet.

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